The Desert Rose


Amaya is 5’5", with long black hair. Her face is quite thin for an Apache. She is extremely petite, and has a hard edge to her dark brown eyes.


Amaya is the daughter of full blooded Apaches. When she was 5 years old soldiers rampaged through her village massacring her family and tribe. She survived by hiding but when they soldiers were finished they torched the village. The building she was hiding in toppled on her and trapped her underneath. She was trapped for 5 days in the husk of building and would have died if it wasn’t for a Jesuit priest travelling who saw the smoke from her smouldering village He found her and took her to his mission near Nacogdoches. She was raised there until the age of 13 and educated. She left when she had a dispute with the Abbot and went into town looking for work. She was taken in by the local saloon owner and put to work. As she grew up she started taking on more responsibility and was put in charge of the girls. The owner who she looked up to as a Mother, died when her horse spooked and dragged her, she left her the saloon in her will.

Amaya has a terrible time sleeping at night and has a fear of soldiers. When the building fell on her it damaged her leg, so she walks with a limp. She can ride without pain, but walking is an issue. She often carries a silver topped cane with her. She is 25-26 years old, she doesn’t really remember when exactly she was born.


Plains of Blood Amaya