Angel Trias

Governor of Chihuahua


The young and handsome governor of Chihuahua. He and his wife reside in the governor’s palace near the city center.

Angel makes it a matter of pride to always be impeccably dressed and groomed. He favors pressed suits, leather shoes, well oiled hair and sports a finely barbered mustache.


Though born in Mexico he had been sent abroad as a young man and was widely read in the classics. A linguist he speaks more than half a dozen languages and is always eager to meet a fellow intellectual.

After his education he returned to Mexico and participated in the war against the states and served with distinction as a commanding officer. When the war ended he was later appointed Governor of Chihuahua in recognition of his services.

Well respected in and well-liked by the people of the city he does his best to see that his people are taken care of. The increase in the frequency and savagery of native raids has him very concerned especially since he realizes that the Mexican Army is too stretched out and lacking in resources to properly deal with the problem. In order to supplement his troops’ efforts he has taken to offering contracts to mercenary groups, offering gold for scalps.

Angel Trias

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