Mangas Coloradas


Current war leader and Chief of the Eastern Apache Tribe. At fifty-seven he has led his tribe for 13 years and his highly respected among his tribe not only as a wise leader but as a fierce warrior as well.

After Juan José Compa, the leader of the Coppermine Mimbreño Apaches, was killed for bounty money in 1837 in the massacre at Santa Rita (See Santa Rita), Mangas became a war leader and a chief, and began a series of retaliatory raids against the Mexicans, killing and destroying all around the mining town and placing santa rita under siege, finally attacking the column of fleeing Mexicans and slaughtering a large number.

In 1846, when the United States went to war with Mexico, the Apache Nation promised U.S. soldiers safe passage through Apache lands. Once the U.S. occupied New Mexico in 1846, Mangas Coloradas signed a peace treaty, respecting them as conquerors of the hated Mexican enemy and creating an uneasy peace between his tribe and the Americans.

His name is Spanish for “Red Sleeves.”


Mangas Coloradas

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