Arenas Sombra

Arenas Sombra or Shady Sands is a small Mexican Pueblo located outside of the mountains that make up the border between Bexar and Chihuahua.

A small thriving and completely self sufficient community made of adobe buildings. The locals farm mainly corn, cabbage and beans and even have a small herd of cattle. A well was dug in the middle of town and the presence of a small Mexican garrison of about 50 soldiers has helped deter most of the problems the frontier usually presents, namely Comanche raids and bandits.

Places of Note

Mayor’s House
Home of Mayor Diego Ramierez. Second only to the church in size this fine building is spacious with ten rooms and even a garden.

El Parque
As with most Spanish settlements there is a large square in the center of town with benches and tables. Local and travelling merchants typically set up shop there along with local food vendors.

Large building where the soldiers live. There is a large high walled courtyard where prisoners are kept.

Siga La Vaca
Local bar and inn. Large common room with several tables. The best place to find a card game in the city.

People of Note

Diego Ramirez
Mayor of the city. He is a good man who’s genuinely concerned about his people and their problems. He may be a bit suspicious of travelers at first, and can seem a bit paranoid, but that’s because most outsiders (Americans and Indians) usually only seek to harm his town, and it is possible to earn his trust. A short, older man with weather beaten face, sun browned skin and black hair. A widower his greatest treasure in life is his daughter Isabella.

An extremely old woman who has lived in town for about as long as anyone can remember. Despite her withered physical appearance a glimmer of fire still burns within her dark eyes giving hints to a greater intelligence.

Sergeant Velazquez
Sergeant in charge of the local garrison. Proud man with little love of Americans.

Arenas Sombra

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