Typically $150

Horses have a fairly high animal intelligence, roughly equal to that of a dog, and can generally
carry or pull 500 pounds (225 kg). A war or work horse can carry about 600 pounds (270 kg) but pull up to five tons, and a pair of work horses can pull up to 15 tons .

Profile: Typical Horse
Corporeal: D:1d4, N:2d12, S:2d10, Q:1d8,
Fightin’: brawlin’ 1d12, swimmin’ 4d12
Mental: C:2d6, K:1d6, M:1d6, Sm:1d6,
Guts 2d4, overawe 1d6.
Pace: 20
Size: 10
Wind: 14
Terror: 0 (5 when angered)
Special Abilities:
Damage: Kick (STR+2d6)
Description: Horses come in a wide variety of colors and breeds.

Exceptional Horses
Exceptional horses can be found on occasion, if the hero knows where to
look or maybe even just gets lucky. If a cowpoke makes an Onerous (7) Cognition/horse ridin’ roll, she can tell if a horse she’s examining has any exceptional qualities about it or not.
Exceptional horses cost an extra $150.
Below are a few qualities that might be found among uncommon stock. Many more are possible

Brave: This horse stands fast even in the face of extreme danger. The animal has a Spirit of 2d8 and a guts of 4d8.
Fast: Too bad the Pony Express didn’t get a hold of this animal. The horse has a Pace of 24.
Smart: The animal responds exceptionally well to its master’s commands. The horse’s owner can add +2 to her horse ridin’ rolls.
Strong: Strap this horse to a plowand he’ll make any farmer proud. Huge and burly, the horse has 3d12 Strength.
Surly: The horse is ill-tempered to those he isn’t used to. He kicks and bites with only a little provocation.
Tough: The horse is made of tougher stuff than normal, and has 2d12 Vigor.

Travel abilities
Horses are able to travel 40-60 miles per day on ideal terrain such as roads and trails
Level or rolling terrain: 40
Hilly terrain: 30
Mountainous terrain: 20
Off-Road (or unkempt trails etc)
Level/rolling grasslands: 30
Hilly grasslands: 25
Level/rolling forest/thick scrub: 20
Very hilly forest/thick scrub: 15
Un-blazed Mountain passes: 10
Marshland: 10


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