Murciélago Vampiro

The common vampire bat mainly feeds on the blood of livestock but have been known to feed on humans from time to time.

While most other bats have almost lost the ability to maneuver on land, vampire bats are an exception. They can run using a unique, bounding gait and are also capable of leaping in various directions.

They have good vision and delicate heat sensors in their noses allow them to detect blood vessels under the skin.

When feeding they approaching their prey at night while they are sleeping. Using its razor-sharp teeth they cut open the skin of its host, usually at the flank, rump or neck, and lap up the blood with their long tongue, their special saliva stopping the blood from clotting.

Gluttons they will feed for up to 30 minutes and afterwards can barely fly. If able they will return to feed on the same host for several nights and will actively protect it from other bats.


Murciélago Vampiro

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