San Antonio de Bexar

Site of the infamous Alamo Massacre. This along with other events led to the Mexican-American War. The war had a disastrous effect on the city reducing it’s population from the largest in Texas to just 800 people.

Noted for its jumble of races, costumes, languages, and buildings, along with an "odd and antiquated foreignness have led some to calling it the New Orleans of the South.
The city’s main focal point is the Old Spanish Fort Mission San Antonio de Valero more commonly known as The Alamo which is currently housing a detachment of the US Army.

Across the river nearby San Antonio River is the city itself a cluster of buildings and settlements. Since the Army’s occupation of the city significant repairs have been made and immigrants and settlers are trickling in.

Places of Note

San Antonio de Valero, The Alamo
Old Spanish fort and current residence of the US army. They run the Quartermaster’s Department from within and most of the space has been repurposed for offices and storage though the chapel remains unused.

Cactus Jack’s
Bar and local watering hole of the city. Owned and operated by a Mexican named Jose.

El Laredito
Old part of the city populated primarily by Tejanos (Mexican Texans).
The local farmers and merchants market market can be found here. One can find or buy most anything though prices depend on how good one is at bartering. Services include but are not limited to:
meat and produce, leather-workers, tailors, saddle makers, art and textiles.

People of Note

Captain White
Captain of the US army and current commander of the forces in Bexar. An older man with grey eyes and white hair. He is always dressed in his cavalry uniform and has a long white mustache.

Sergeant Trammel
Former alcoholic and drifter. Recruited by White 5 years ago and has since sobered up. His loyalty to the captain is undying as he feels he owes the man his life and because the Captain gave him a purpose. Pale brunette from Illinois. Carries a long buffalo rifle which in addition to being an excellent marksman is also his pride and joy.

Owner of Cactus Jack’s bar. Middle aged Mexican with black hair, eyes and a pencil thin mustache.


San Antonio de Bexar

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