George Rock

Ex-Pinkerton Brass, on his continued way down.


35 Years old.


(Just imagine this one with a shotgun, and not the tommy gun…. tumblr_m3bby5wqOA1rqk3z1o1_500.jpg


Best supporting character

Was Pinkerton Brass (failed to produce results as a leader) [10 years ago]

On his 4th Career (last 3 failed)

Wildly successful 1st career

Mostly city slicker


Edges & Hindrences

Law Man: Moderate-old (3)

Rank-Agency (1)

Friends in High Places (5)

Law O’ the West (-3)

Yearnin: Moderate (-3)

Obligation: Serious (-4)


George Rock was a young 17 year old, training at the police academy in Washington, when his life took a turn. He was recruited by Frankie Ness, the superstar, the new Pinkerton Chief Investigator in charge of the biggest investigation in Washington to date. Ness would go on to crack open and defeat the biggest slave trafficking ring in the US, with a trusty group of men (including Rock). Rock ended up being (due to fatalities) Ness’ right hand-man, but the fame only identified him as secondary to Ness.

After Ness’ success, Ness retired (never to be heard from again), and George Rock was offered the position of Chief Investigator. Rock took it, but failed to be effective in that position and was eventually replaced with little fanfare.

Rock then moved South and tried his hand at being the Sheriff of a small town, who were greatly excited to have a Sheriff of such strong pedigree. Rock, once again in a lead position, failed to be effective, and was once again quietly replaced after a number of years.

Rock is now wandering, trying to understand why he was so successful early in his career, but has had nothing but failure since then.

(Answer: All the players know that it is because he is an amazing supporter, but can’t lead his way out of the paper bag. Rock has no idea that is his problem….)

George Rock

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