Judge Holden

The Judge


Whatever exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.

A Circuit judge from the Northern states. A giant of man standing nearly 7 feet tall weighing at least 300 pounds. He has pale blue eyes and large white teeth which are often visible as he is always smiling. Perhaps his most striking feature however is the fact that he is completely hairless, including no eye brows or eyelashes.

He has a affinity for small black Mexican cigars, white linen suits and fine leather boots. He is fond of hats and wears an assortment from panamas to bowlers.

Soft yet powerfully spoken he never loses his composure nor raises his voice in anger or fear.


Little is known of Holden though stories of him exist in nearly every state. He is known for his brilliant mind in the topics of science, philosophy and history. Additionally he is known for his love of music and his uncanny dancing ability, something that should be difficult for someone of his great size.

Judge Holden

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