Tucson Arizona

The history of Tucson, Arizona, begins thousands of years ago but officially dates back to 1775 when Spanish soldiers founded the military fort Presidio San Augustin del Tucson. Over time a city was built up around the fort. During the Spanish occupation the fort was constantly attacked by Apaches. Later the city became part of Mexico after the former’s independence from Spain. There was peace for a time until the Mexican American war where the fort fell to American forces.

While a healthy town the population has not exceeded 500 people. Despite technically still under Mexican control, Mexicans are the minority with the rest of the population made up of anglos and non hostile native groups.

Places of note

The Fort
The fort measures about 670 feet to a side with square towers at the northeast and southwest corners. The main gate is on the center of the west wall, the presidial chapel is located along the east wall, the commandant’s house is in the center, and the interior walls were lined with homes, stables, and warehouses. The massive adobe walls require constant maintenance, especially in times when attacks by Apaches are anticipated.

Owen’s Eating House
Small one story building. The building is divided into three parts: a central kitchen served a lunch counter area on one side, and a dining room on the other.

The blacksmith is well renowned for his abilities and is especially famous because instead of an anvil the smith uses an enormous iron meteorite shaped as a molar.

Coyote Cojo
One-legged Coyote. Local bar and inn. Good place to find a game of cards but has a bit of a wild and rough reputation.

Tucson Arizona

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